Forrest City’s “Never Be Specific” Policy Working Out Famously

Forrest City President Phil Dargossi had a lot of foresight when it came to creating the Stapleton Community. Stapleton is already hailed as one of the greatest planned communities in the United States, which pretty much means the world. From the several quality builders that were used to create the differentiation, to the many parks, and the urban living, Stapleton is a very well-planned community.

“We believe strongly on the direction we are going,” says Dargossi. However, sometimes that direction is ill-defined and vague.

“We don’t always know when and if something is going to happen,” continues Dargossi. “There are certain things we would like to see, but we don’t want to guarantee them. We just like to promise them at an unspecified time and place. For example, the school in Eastbridge residents were “promised” before they moved into their homes will now be located in North Central Park. 26th Ave homeowners were very excited for the 25-acre park to view, but to this point have only seen coyotes and hundreds of prairie dogs on a giant dirt-filled area. We have taught our people to never use dates or timelines. Use phrases like, ‘going to happen’ or ‘will be there at some point,’ or ‘coming in the near future.’ This way, no one can hold anything against us, as all we are really doing is promising a promise of which is not specific in any way.”

As the economy attempts to recover, more people are beginning to move to the Stapleton Community. Some of this is because of what Stapleton is, but mostly because of what they were told Stapleton is going to be.

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