Forest City to Residents: “Green Book is ‘Working Document’”

stapleton green bookSUN recently sent an open letter to Forest City which was published in the Front Porch. The letter basically draws major contrasts to the current plan for the Eastbridge Town Center and what was laid out in the Stapleton Rules and Regulations portion of the Green Book. Much of the letter focuses on the contrasts between the existing plan and the Green Book in regards to parking lots and pedestrian access. The letter uses specific sections from the Stapleton Rules and Regulations which conflict with the current iteration. Furthermore, the letter includes community research data in regards to what residents are looking for in a town center, and how it is not jibing with the plan currently on the table. “We are not sure if it will make any difference, but we want to make sure that the voice of the residents was heard,” said SUN President Mike Victoria.

The Stapletonion was able to speak to Forest City briefly about their thoughts on the inconsistency. “What people need to understand is that the Green Book is not written in stone,” said Forest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “It is a working document. In fact, just the other day, we added ‘working document’ below the title page. So, things are always changing, always evolving.” Ayers explained that much of what was in the Green Book was for what they were hoping for under certain economic conditions. “People have to understand that the Green Book is like the Constitution. It was written by brilliant people, but these people also understood that things could change, so they allow small changes to the overall plans and concepts.”

Victoria says that people understand that small changes are going to be made to a plan, but the proposed changes seem “way off pace” from what was expected from residents. “Look, we understand things change over time,” says Victoria. “Stapleton is a progressive neighborhood, and we can understand small changes. The disconnect is that these changes do not seem small. If we do not push back now, it is a slippery slope as to what could come next.” Ayers says that they are willing to promise residents this is the final change. “If they are willing to accept this, we are willing to acknowledge this will be the final change to the Green Book,” says Ayers. A solid offer, but isn’t that Green Book a ‘working document’ after all?

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