Forest City Required to Increase Font Size on Architectural Disclaimers

After a pretty tough meeting for Forest City on November 28th with 26th Ave. residents, Forest City plans to make some changes in regards to future architectural depictions and verbiage in regards to documents and signs. “We understand that sometimes our depictions can cause confusion,” said Forest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “Many residents and home buyers are under the impression that when we show plans and drawings of upcoming projects that we are going to stick closely to those plans and timelines. That’s simply not the case.”

Residents feel the compromise is too little too late. “A lot of us purchased our property in Stapleton based on very specific promises from builders and Forest City,” says disgruntled homeowner Scott Gaies. “When they don’t deliver, it adversely affects us, but there is no recourse from our end.” Other residents agree. “I live on 26th Ave., and have for six years now,” says Katie Essex. “I felt I was promised that I would be overlooking a giant beautiful park, but instead I get part of a fence and a lot of prairie dogs. I was duped.”

Ayers defended Forest City. “We can’t control a lot of things that affect the Stapleton community. For example, the economics have changed, and there is nothing we can do about that. Plus, we simply no longer want to build certain things that we may have in the past. We can’t control how we feel.”

The new compromise calls for Forest City to make a significantly larger disclaimer on all drawings and documents of “future” projects. This should help new buyers, but doesn’t do much for current residents. “I feel like once they (Forest City) get you in here, they don’t care much about you,” said Gaies. “That doesn’t seem to be changing at all.”

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