Forest City Has Vague, Futuristic Plans for Central Park Rail Station

Science fiction TODWith the Central Park rail station and the light rail to downtown and the airport projected for completion in the next couple of years, community members are curious as to what the transit oriented development (TOD) will look like. “I live in Central Park North, and I am all for the project,” says resident Dan Fisher. “I am just curious as to what they have planned for the area. Restaurants? Hotels? Shops? I am sure they will do something with it. It’s not like that ghost town of a town center in Eastbridge.”

Forest City has not said much in regards to the plans, but recently went on record to explain what Stapleton residents can expect. “We are hoping for tall, silvery, glass buildings,” said Forest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “It is going to be really cool, and futuristic looking. Think of the movie, iRobot, and that is kind of what people should expect.” Ayers did not offer many specifics in regards to what will encompass the “futuristic looking” structures. “We expect anywhere between one million to five million square feet of office space. In addition, maybe some multi-family units, maybe not. We potentially could have a hotel. I don’t know, but that would seem to be a good fit, right? Yeah, probably a hotel.”

Ayers says that residents don’t need to focus on what or who is going in the buildings, but need to focus on the “coolness” of the buildings themselves. “If you haven’t seen the depictions of the buildings, you have to see them,” Said Ayers. “I mean, I can’t say enough about the architects. It looks like the drawings were right out of a science fiction movie, and we put them in the middle of a massive residential area. We are literally going to beat the future to the future.” Ayers says Forest City will continue to update residents in regards to their plans for TOD. “It’s still early, but I am pretty excited about these buildings. I’m going to feel like a space lady just going up and down in those elevators.”

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