Forest City: “All Future Communications to be Done Via Snapchat”

Forest City’s Spokesperson Janelle Ayers made the company’s final public, non-Snapchat statement on Monday. “Moving forward, it will be the policy of Forest City Stapleton to do any and all communications via Snapchat. This hip new way of communicating is the future, and we like to stay on the edge of technology. We also like the concept of our communications being systematically deleted 10 seconds after we say them.”

Forest City admits to making some mistakes in regards to some communications in the past, and that Snapchat should eliminate the possibility of these errors in the future. “We certainly have made some statements and some could say promises that have ended up not playing out,” said Ayers. “Now, we have a little more freedom to say things to potential buyers and current residents, without feeling like they are going to throw it in our face in five years when it doesn’t pan out.”

Ayers says the company plans to use Snapchat for public statements, responses to statements, and even artist renderings of “future Stapleton.” “We have been testing the technology for a couple of months, and it simply gives us the flexibility that we need,” said Ayers. Ayers went on to say that Snapchcats via Forest City will leave their fans wanting for more. “We strongly feel this will make us more likeable. People will view these Snapchats and say, ‘what was that? What are they doing?’ and really want to pay attention when we send these Snapchats out.”

Immediately after the press conference, Forest City sent it’s first Snapchat which stated, “New Pool Coming into Bluff Lake.” After this raised more questions, Forest City immediately Snapchatted, “We never said that.”

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