First Eastbridge Watchtower Nears Completion

watch-towerSix months ago, the MCA moved forward on a plan to construct a series of watch towers. After several delays, the first tower located close to the car wash in Eastbridge is almost completed. “This is just one of the many steps we are taking towards a safer Stapleton,” said MCA President Paul Harris. “This tower is more than a functional structure which will serve as a place for private security to scope out criminals and outsiders, it serves as a symbol of our strength as a community. No, you’re not going to take things out of our open garages, and no, you’re not going to loiter around our shops without an MCA card. This is a big first step, and a positive one.” Harris was not specific on how many other towers would be built but mentioned there would be “several.”

Many residents are not keen on the idea of having watchtowers throughout Eastbridge. “I think I would rather have the petty crime than have our neighborhood look like a jail yard,” said Eastbridge resident Lara Reisetter. “The one they have in the town center doesn’t look horrible, but if you put those all over the place and in parks, it starts looking pretty bad. This isn’t Gaza for crying out loud.” Resident Mark Ihm echoed those sentiments. “This is ridiculous,” said Ihm. “I never thought living here would be like living in a police state. Just a little too much.” The Next tower is expected to be raised at the park on the corner of 26th and Fulton.

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