Fast and the Furious on Fulton Street: Stapleton Approves Drag Racing

drag racingStapleton was originally planned to have six or more two-way streets connect Aurora and Stapleton in Eastbridge. But with fears of “others” easily making their way into Stapleton, scared Stapeltonians lobbied to reduce that number to just one: Fulton Street. Now, Forest City, always willing to embrace the latest trend from 10 years ago, has approved Fulton Street as a dual-use residential street and drag strip.

“Bandimere Speedway is just too far away,” said Jake Bruns, “so it’s great that our sons and daughters – I’m all for equal rights and Title IX – can learn to race right here in the neighborhood.” Residents that don’t live on Fulton love it’s direct access to Stanley, MLK, Anschutz, Montview, and the speed associated with that direct access. “Some putz was doing 25 on Fulton Street going towards MLK last week,” Jamey Licata told us recently. “The light was green at MLK and I was, like, ‘bro, pedal on the right, let’s go. But did he go? No. So I blazed past him on the left, made the light, and was at work at Subway in Quebec Square on time. Dude, it says 25, but that really means at least 35.”

Recognizing the opportunity, Forest City, in a press release, stated, “Stapelton residents love amenities. And with Eastbridge Town Center now open, right on schedule, a neighborhood drag strip is a unique amenity that will get residents really excited.” The racing schedule is from 7:30 am until 9:30 am and 4:30 pm until 6:30 pm weekdays, and all day Saturday and Sunday. The fee is just $5.00 per race.

Racers simply line up at 26th and Fulton, swipe their credit cards for the $5.00 fee, and they’re free to race to MLK and Fulton. Racing is monitored by Denver Police, meaning that, as has happened for the past 10 years, Denver Police will not be monitoring Fulton Street.

While Fulton Street residents have complained about the noise, pollution, and danger, they also have noticed some benefits. “Tyler and Audrey have developed amazing reflexes,” Emily White said. “Last week when Tyler’s basketball rolled into the street, a 1987 Honda Civic with rims and a giant spoiler was racing a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse. I screamed as Tyler chased after the ball, but he grabbed the ball and leapt about 10 feet back to the relative safety of the sidewalk. I just beamed with pride. He looked like an X-man flying through the air like that.”

The drag strip hasn’t had an effect on home values as some feared. “I moved here because of the drag strip,” said new resident Ray Fisher. “I love racin’!” Mr. Fisher pointed out his Dale Jr. #88 flag flying next to his American flag.

Time will tell if the Fulton Street drag strip becomes as iconic as Bandimere Speedway. For now, though, the summer smells of fresh cut grass and lemonade will be enhanced with scents of burnt rubber, burning clutches, and melting brakes.

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