Family Pins Down Spring Schedule Just in Time for Summer

busy springThe Greiert family includes three kids with a plethora of sporting activities as well as dance and music activities. These spring programs keep parents Michelle and Jay running around making sure to get kids picked up and dropped off at different days, times and locations. “Spring is definitely crazy for us,” said Michelle. “Baseball is twice a week, soccer is twice a week plus a game on Saturdays, and then there is dance class, piano lessons, and the recitals for those. It makes for a crazy weekly calendar.”

So busy, in fact, the couple has lost track of who was supposed to pick the kids up causing minor panic. “I’ve gotten a text from Michelle regarding ‘after I pick Jackson up,’ and realized I hadn’t picked Jackson up,” said Jay. “Every day was a struggle to remember who had to go where and when. Honestly, most days we were praying for rain outs.” The spring season begins in late March, and usually finishes the last week of school in June. “Week after week it became such a job to manage who needed to drop off and who needed to pick up,” said Michelle. “At times, I would forget which one of my kids played baseball and which one played the piano.”

Luckily for the Greierts, all that confusion ended that final week of May when suddenly, they had it all figured out. “It was like a well-oiled machine,” said proud father Jay. “We didn’t have to text, call, use google calendars, email our friends, we just knew where we were supposed to be and when. It’s really special when it clicks like that.” Michelle agrees. “The teamwork was there, the comradery was there, the effort, it just all came together.” Unfortunately for the Greeierts, they were only able to enjoy two weeks of glory as the spring programs came to an end. “It was tough to find out the season was over when we finally figured it out,” said Michelle. “Now, we have to start preparing for the summer, and what camps the kids need to be at and when.” The Greierts are hopeful they can bring back some of that late spring magic for summer.

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