Family Moving to Different Stapleton Neighborhood to Become “Cool New Neighbors” Again

couple moving to be popular againWhen the Walker family first moved into their home in North Central Park in Stapleton, they were excitedly greeted by their new neighbors. “Everyone was so nice to us, and excited to have us over,” said Dan Walker. “They not only made us feel at home, but they made us feel popular. We definitely felt pretty cool.” Wife Nikki agrees. “It was so fun to have that popular feeling. We would be invited to neighbors’ homes every night almost for drinks. We would drink, talk, and laugh. Dan could even tell his same old stories, and they were interested, because they hadn’t already heard them four times. It was just a lot of fun.”

The Walker family remained popular for around a year, and then things cooled off. “Of course, we were still friends with everyone on the block, and people were great to us,” said Nikki. “It just wasn’t the same as when we first moved there.” Dan agrees. “The people on our block are great friends of ours,” said Dan. “But, things had changed, and we were more part of the status quo, and not the exciting and interesting neighbors we had been. It was a hard transition going from being ‘it’ to just being ‘one of the guys.’”

The transition was so difficult, in fact, that the Walker family has decided to move to a different neighborhood. “The people on this block will be our friends for life,” said Dan. “Maybe even our best friends. But, we want to experience that rush, that high, of being popular just one more time. So, we are moving to Conservatory Green. The house isn’t exactly what we wanted, but it’s worth it.” Nikki is excited for the move as well. “I know it’s a lot for the kids, and we’re even leaving Swigert to go to High Tech. But, this is our last taste, our last chance to feel cool. And we have to take advantage of it.” The Walker family begins their popularity run in early September when they make their move. Careful, Walkers, fame is fleeting.

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