Excited Resident Forgets to Put Car in Park at New Soopers

car crashes at new soopersThe anticipation for the new Soopers has been overwhelming since its announcement. Residents have been clamoring for a grocery store that more fits their needs, even if the brand name is the same. When the new Soopers opened less than a month ago, Stapleton residents from all over flocked to the new store to check it out. “We were so excited,” said resident Angela Brody. “I took the kids there the day it opened. The place was packed. Just a lot going on and a lot to see.” Many residents waited in line to be one of the first to see the historic moment as if it was a new ride at Disneyland. “It was really something,” said Michelle Davis. “I mean, it just felt totally different. It was more of an experience than a grocery store. We took lots of pictures. I will never forget that day.”

For at least one resident, the day was more memorable than others. Stapleton resident Adam Melton headed to the new store looking forward to seeing what it had to offer. As Adam pulled up, he saw the crowd outside and said he could feel the positive energy. “I drove through the main parking lot and saw all the people,” said Adam. “I found a spot on the south side of the building to park my car.” Unfortunately for Adam, he forgot the main task in parking; putting it in park. Adam jumped out of the car without taking the keys out of the ignition and did not put the car in park. The car crashed through the brick barrier knocking over the wall. Luckily, the car got stuck on top of the bricks, and Adam was able to get in the car, park it, and turn it off. “It was just one of those unfortunate things,” said Adam. “Once the car was not endangering anyone, I left it, and ran into the new Soopers. Yeah, it was a little embarrassing, but it’s one of those things that’s happened to everybody.” Adam said he will be more careful in the future, but the event was totally worth it. “Seeing that Soopers…I will never forget it,” said Adam. “I will totally forget about crashing into the barrier, however.” Luckily, we won’t Adam.

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