End of School Year To Give Parents Far Fewer Emails to Ignore

emails from DPSThe school year is rapidly coming to end, and although many parents will miss the cheapest and best day care around, there are many things parents will not miss. Things like getting kids out the door in the morning, packing lunches, picking them up from school, making sure homework is done, and on and on. But most of all, parents are looking forward to not having to completely disregard so many emails sent from the school. “We probably get 10 to 15 emails a week from the teacher or someone at the school,” said Swigert Elementary parent Amy Simbro. “Things like what the kids are working on, any activities they have going on that week, camps they can attend and on and on. At least that’s what I think they are about. I don’t read all of them.” Isabella Bird parent Joe Bauer is in a similar position. “They just send so many emails,” said Bauer. “I really don’t have time to read them all. I usually ask one of the better parents if there is anything urgent, and they give me the crib notes. Really excited to stop getting so many emails.”

For the school’s part, they are just making an effort to keep parents informed on what is going on with their kids for the seven hours a day parents don’t see them. “There is no way to know which parents want to be engaged and which ones do not,” said Bill Roberts educator Lindsey Carman. “So, we send our communications out to everyone. We also want to avoid anyone ever saying things like, ‘well, no one ever sent me that.’ Yes, we did. At least 8 times.” There is no plan in place for the schools to slow down its communication. “Many parents really appreciate knowing what is going on with their kids,” said Carman. “And truthfully, it only takes about 30 seconds to read and respond to any of the emails we send.” The parents simply look forward to not getting any more emails. “I just hope there is no ‘summer communication’ program,” said Simbro. “I have time to complain about all these emails. I just don’t have time to read them.”

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