Ebay to Purchase Stapleton Swap for $100 Million

stapleton swap-ebayThe private Facebook page ‘Stapleton Swap’ has made waves in recent months as the best way to buy and sell items in Stapleton. Other sites, such as the popular Stapleton Moms Big Tent Group, had previously served as top dog when it came to local online garage sale-ing. But the Stapleton Swap site has apparently made things better for users.

“The best thing is that you know the buyers and sellers are local,” says Sarah Bell. “The group is private so we can keep it to Stapleton people. Not to be exclusionary, but for the purpose of ease of use. Also, for the most part, Stapleton Swap is all about buying and selling, and not about lost dogs, suspicious activity, or random politics.” The site currently has over 1,300 active users. Users are allowed to post descriptions and photos of items for sale, and then privately message people when they are ready to make a deal. “It is great,” says user Kristina Murphy. “I have actually ended up doing a lot of Christmas shopping on the site. I can even find quality clothes for myself.”

Many users have been able to find used items for kids, and also been able to sell items that kids may never have even worn. “We had about 20 things our baby never even wore because she grew so fast,” says Angela Trainor. “We were able to sell it on Stapleton Swap. It worked out great.” If you do want an item, you better act quickly, says Trainor. “You have to respond fast. You see a post of something you like, and it can be gone within 30 seconds. I am sure a lot of people on the site must monitor it constantly.”

The busy traffic eventually caught the attention of the world’s largest online marketplace, Ebay. “We obviously keep an eye out for competition like this,” said Ebay CEO John Donahoe. “We then have to evaluate, ‘is this hurting our business?’ And in this case, there are a lot of great items being sold on this site, and not through Ebay. We decided we needed to make a move.”
Ebay eventually came to terms with Facebook and the Stapleton Swap page administrator and agreed to a $100 million buyout.

As of now, Ebay has no plans to make changes to the site. “We are not sure how we are going to monetize it at this point,” says Donahoe. “All we know is that a high number of quality items are being sold not using our engine. To stay ahead, these are the kind of moves we need to make.” Stapleton Swap members are encouraged to continue to use the site as they have been until further notice from Ebay.

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