EaWe Residents Hold Prayer Vigil to End Late Night Prayer Vigils

Residents in EaWe (formerly Eastbridge) have become fed up with the late night prayers taking place near 24th and Wabash. Although the majority of these residents are religious, they do not like it when religion affects their sleep time. “Hey, I love Jesus. I really do,” says resident Jamal Fox. “I just don’t want Him interrupting my sleep.”

Jamal went door to door to find out if other residents felt the same way. “We decided that we needed to do something. The best thing we thought of was to have our own prayer session to hopefully end these other prayer sessions,” said Jamal.

Residents gathered on streets in the area, holding candles and talking to friends. Just around 10PM Jamal grabbed a microphone to remind residents why they were there. ‘Friends and neighbors. We are gathered here today with a purpose. Our purpose is the Lord’s purpose. Late night praying around here has gotten out of hand, and we want to put an end to it. Only the Almighty Himself can stop these fanatics.”

Jamal went on to ask for a moment of silence so that all concerned residents could pray in their own voice to stop the late night prayers that have been going on. Asked why he didn’t simply distribute a petition, Jamal smiled, pointed at the sky and said, “some problems are best handled by Him.”

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