Eastbridge Through Streets to Become Toll Roads

Forest City finalized a deal with the city of Denver to make the Eastbridge through streets of Fulton and Havana/Iola toll roads. The deal was reached after Stapleton residents demanded a solution to the potential traffic issues and greater possibility that Aurorans would be venturing through Stapleton. “We worked hard with Forest City and the city of Denver, and think this is the best solution,” said SUN President Mike Victoria. “Hopefully, this will help alleviate traffic and will also serve as another way for the city to make some money.”

The toll has not been finalized as of yet, but right now, drivers would be looking at a toll between $.75 and $1.25. “We want to make it fair for the drivers,” said city traffic official Josh Zarifis. “But, at the same time, in accordance to the wishes of the voters in Stapleton, we want to make it a slight deterrent so Aurora residents aren’t just constantly driving in and out of their community.”

Stapleton residents seem satisfied with the solution. “Obviously, no through-street at all would be best,” said resident Jeff Axtell. “But, if they can create a situation where the city can make some money and at the same time cut down traffic, that is fine.” The toll booth for Fulton will begin construction sometime in September and will be completed in conjunction with the street. “It will be all set to go before the street officially opens,” said Zarifis.

Aurora residents are not as pleased. “I was looking forward to getting to and from work a little faster,” said Aurora resident Ray Dunlay. “Now, they are going to charge me two to three dollars to go to work? I will continue to take the extra five minutes each way. It’s not worth it.”

The toll will be built on Stapleton-Denver property, so not much can be done by the Aurora city government. “The city of Aurora is not too excited about the toll,” said Zarifis. “But, we are doing are best for the residents of Stapleton and the Denver community.” Zarifis expects the Eastbridge through streets will have about 60% less traffic than originally planned.

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