Eastbridge Sign Helps Drivers to Beware of Dangerous “Street” Tottering Trend

street totteringA new and dangerous trend among Stapleton youth is being called “street tottering.” Kids are creating makeshift teeter totters and putting them in the middle of streets, disrupting traffic. “It’s really dangerous,” said resident Kevin Tracy. “I have seen this all over Stapleton, not just in Eastbridge. It’s pretty crazy, and I wish parents would teach their little ones that pranks like this are extremely dangerous.” Kim Sellers has also noticed an increase of kids playing in the street, in particular, teeter tottering. “What kind of parents are allowing their kids to play in the street, completely unsupervised?” asked Sellers. “This is crazy. And it’s not just during the day. I’ve seen kids out street tottering around five. I really hope this sign brings the appropriate attention to parents. I wonder if we need more of them.”

To date, no kids have been hurt, but community members are worried that is coming. “Never mind where they are doing it,” stated Dean Carrol. “Even without doing it in the street, teeter tottering can be really dangerous. One kid jumps off with the other kid is in the air, feet get trapped, butts get hurt, etc. A lot of things can go wrong on a teeter totter. Then, adding the street element makes it even crazier.” Some parents are wondering if this is a new way for elementary kids to get a rush. “Maybe this is something they are doing to get a kind of high,” said Selleers. “I don’t know. But it needs to stop.” Community organizations will continue to help parents become aware of the issue and encourage parents to keep their kids off the streets and off the teeter totters.

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