Eastbridge Residents Gaining “The Stanley Seven”

stanley sevenWith the Stanley Marketplace open and in full swing, residents from all over Stapleton are heading out to check out Stapleton’s new shopping options, including great places like Steele Angel, Velvet Wolf, Trunk Nouveau, Sterre, Goose & the Goat, and Poppy & Pine. Residents also look forward to the opening of True and Zero Market Zero Market which happen this week. The unique stores are of course a great addition to the community, but residents have been coming over in droves for the food and drink. Annette has opened with great reviews and the Denver Biscuit Company’s opening has been a big success. The Stanley Beer Hall and Comida continue to draw large crowds as well. Residents who enjoy craft beer are often ordering food from Yellowbelly Chicken and bringing it over to Cheluna to enjoy some beverages with their meals. After dinner, people often head over to Sweet Cow for some ice cream or to Miette et Chocolat for some decadent desserts.

Overall, residents feel Stanley is living up to its hype. “We have gone almost every weekend,” says resident John Lighthall. “It’s just a relaxing, enjoyable experience. You almost feel like you are on vacation, but without the drive and crappy hotels.” Molly Strassburg agrees. “I love seeing all the boutique shops in there. Lots of great things. And we are never disappointed with our meals.” No neighborhood appreciates the Stanley opening as much as the residents of Eastbridge. “It’s awesome to have a place so walkable or that you can ride your bikes to,” said Eastbridge resident Kelly Thompson. “Definitely has changed how we eat, drink, and shop in a very short time,” agreed Kris Southall.

Along with all the positives, the residents of Eastbridge are seeing one major drawback, however. “I am absolutely gaining weight,” said resident Nicole Hartley. “It’s so convenient and delicious; we have been going over there too much and overindulging. I hope I can stop myself, but it’s not looking good.” Shane White is noticing the same thing. “I haven’t changed anything in my workouts or much of anything when eating at home,” says White. “But, we have been going over to Stanley for food and drinks a lot, and I am noticing the weight coming on.” To make matters worse for Eastbridge residents, because of their close proximity to the marketplace, when people come to see them, they naturally want to go to the Stanley. “When our friends from the north side come over to see us, of course they want to go check out Stanley,” said David Grossman. “So, naturally we end up over there any time someone comes over.” The weight gain has become so common, it is being dubbed ‘The Stanley Seven’ indicating the seven pounds you are going to gain from living near the Stanley.

Many of those affected don’t have plans to stop going to The Stanley, however. “I’m an addict at this point,” says Hartley. “I may try to increase my steps, or maybe decrease desserts elsewhere, but I’m not going to stop going.” White agrees. “If I have to do lunges the entire walk over to burn those calories, I’m going to do it. It’s just not worth it to not eat there.” The Stanley seven is a reality, but the other reality is, you’re just not going to stop going there.

Editor’s note:  The original run of the story did not include Miette et Chocolat in the reasons Eastbridge residents are gaining weight.  We have since corrected the error, as most certainly the tasty treats at this establishment are causing residents to increase belt sizes. 

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One response to “Eastbridge Residents Gaining “The Stanley Seven””

  1. Will walk for chocolate

    I’m surprised that there is no mention of the incredible chocolate and treat shop Miette et Chocolat. I believe they were the 3rd business to open there.

    My theory is their name couldn’t get past the Stapletonion’s hard working spell checking department.

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