Eastbridge Residents Celebrate Opening of Empty Field

empty fieldFor a decade now, Eastbridge has pined for its own town center. Recently, King Soopers agreed to build a much needed store that would also include a gas station and additional retail space. Eastbridge residents, however, vehemently opposed the store for various reasons, most importantly of which is that it is not a Whole Foods, so “other” people might shop there. King Soopers withdrew its proposal and this weekend, Eastbridge will celebrate.

Festivities will be kicked off by Michael Seery, the chair of the grass-roots movement “Eastbridge Residents Against Convenience.” He will cut the ribbon to officially open the giant empty field for Eastbridge residents. There will also be people shuffling around, games such as who’s dog can poop in the field without being seen, and sad clowns.

“I’m excited for this. It’s a long time coming,” said Jeff Iverson, a longtime Eastbridge activist who opposed sending his kids to Swigert or Izzy Bird because they were new schools. In the background, the Counting Crows cover of Joni Mitchell’s classic “Big Yellow Taxi” could barely be heard over the din of construction of new houses around the empty field.

Controversy about what to build, how much to build, and where to build has plagued Eastbridge since its inception lo these many years ago (eight). With the final phase of houses being built east of Iola, the handful of streets cutting through to “other-town” complete, the lower-income apartments on Havana complete and full, and Izzy Bird now open, the town center is the last thing Eastbridge residents have to complain about. Having lost every battle, they seem to have won this one.

“Some say it’s a Pyrrhic victory. I say it’s a victory for common sense,” argued Brian Lohman. “Excuse me, I have to head over to Sprouts on Havana to grab some produce. I can’t stand going to the Town Center, it’s so crowded.”

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One response to “Eastbridge Residents Celebrate Opening of Empty Field”

  1. Phil Dargossi

    Although we’ve seen other businesses like a daycare, a car wash, and a dentist show that businesses can be successful in Eastbridge, as a 9 billion dollar company we’re just not comfortable building a towncenter unless King Soopers is there to hold our hand – so we’re quite excited to see this development. We always knew the concept of more open space in Eastbridge would be a hard sell, so we’re pleased to see the concerned citizens of ERAC are on board.
    Phil Dargossi – Forest City President

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