Eastbridge Resident Requesting Forest City Build Restaurant IN His House

restaurant in houseEastbridge residents had anxiously awaited the town center they were promised over 10 years ago. People wanted a grocery store and restaurants they could easily walk to, instead of having to drive or ride bikes the roughly two miles to the 29th Street town center. Then, last year, the Stanley opened up with great restaurants, shops, and places to enjoy booze and socialize. The Stanley is right across 26th Avenue into Aurora, and is very easy to get to. Area residents immediately fell in love with the project. “We love going to the Stanley and deciding what we want when we get there,” said resident Wendi Hayne. “Plus, it’s so convenient to get to, especially when you have little ones.” The Stanley project quieted a lot of voices who had been complaining about wanting a town center. “It was so close,” said resident Eric Lembeck. “At that point, when the Stanley had opened, I honestly didn’t care that much if the town center opened or not. We had something that was filling our needs quite nicely.”

Then, the Eastbridge Town Center opened giving area residents an even closer option. “It’s not like we will stop going to Stanley,” exclaimed Brian Kleese. “But the town center also has great eating options, and it is nice having the grocery store so close. It takes me less than five minutes to get to that place. It’s pretty darn convenient.” Marla Johnson agrees. “The Eastbridge town center is just so easy to get to,” said Johnson. “Obviously, crossing MLK is tough, but other than that, I mean, it’s right here.”

For most all of the Eastbridge residents, having the Stanley and Eastbridge town center satisfies their needs. But at least one man is hoping things get just a little more convenient. “I love Stanley and the town center,” said Andy Dellert. “They are great. And maybe I’m getting a little spoiled, but I just think I could have something even closer.” In fact, Dellert has petitioned Forest City to build a restaurant inside his home. “I figure it will be easy to get to, you know, being right in my house and all,” said Dellert. “I will have to go down steps, probably, depending on the final design, but it’s better than biking or walking all the way to Stanley (.75 miles) or the town center (.5 miles).” Forest City is taking the request seriously and is looking into the potential of putting a restaurant in the Dellert home. “If there is money to be had, we will obviously consider it,” said Forest City spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “Now, if he was asking us to put in income-qualified housing, well, that’s clearly something we won’t consider.” Dellert says he isn’t even concerned with the type of restaurant at this point. “Surprise me. I mean, I’m pretty easy going, so have some fun with it.” Forest City says a final decision will be made on putting a dining establishment in the Dellert home by the end of September. “Fingers crossed,” said Dellert. “Hope to get another great option even closer by.”

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