Eastbridge Resident Possibly Professional Dog Walker of Own Dog

professional dog walkerIt’s not unusual to see anyone in Stapleton walking with a dog. Stapleton has an abundance of dog owners and walkers. However, Eastbridge residents have noticed one man’s dog walking habits which are a little unusual. The unidentified man takes his smaller, mixed breed dog on a lot of walks. Lots and lots of walks. I mean, an inordinate amount of walks. Some residents even believe the guy is a professional dog walker. “I would see this same guy walking around F-15 park all the time,” said area resident David Meeter. “He was always walking a dog, so I assumed he was just a professional dog walker. But, I eventually noticed, it was the same dog every time. He can’t be a professional dog walker for just one dog, can he?” Laura Campbell noticed the same thing. “He is always by himself, walking a dog five to seven times a day,” said Campbell. “I’m a stay at home mom, so I’m often at the park with my kids. What’s this guy do? He has to be a professional dog walker. But, after a while, I noticed it’s the same dog.” Both Meeter and Campbell also recognized the man doesn’t seem cheerful. “If it is in fact his dog, and he’s not a professional dog walker, he’s not very happy to be walking that dog,” said Meeter. “He just seems really uptight for a dog owner,” said Campbell.

The mystery dog walker’s story has yet to be unveiled and it doesn’t appear the truth will come out any time soon. “He doesn’t seem like he’s in a very good mood,” said Campbell. “So he’s not approachable. But, I’d love to know his story.” I have so many questions for him,” said Meeter. “Is it his dog? If so, does he pay himself a salary for walking his own dog? Is he walking some rich guy’s dog, but resents every minute of it? These are questions I fear I will never get the answers to.” Area residents are encouraged to approach this stranger if you see him and get these answers and send to us at The Stapletonion.

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