Eastbound MLK Crosswalk Placed at Exactly Most Dangerous Spot

dangerous intersectionThe crosswalk positioned to help get residents across busy (soon to be busier) MLK to the new Eastbridge Town Center has been positioned at the exact spot considered to be the most dangerous. “It could be off by inches or maybe a foot, but that placement is precisely the most dangerous spot for pedestrians to be crossing,” concluded city engineer Ryan Travillian. “That spot is going to cause drivers and pedestrians a lot of angst.” Travillian isn’t sure why the walk was placed in that area, but agrees that the placement could have a long-term negative impact. “Drivers come around a blind corner and have no time to slow down or even know a crosswalk there,” said Travillian. “Pedestrians or bikers often have blind faith in crosswalks and believe that when that light shows the little crossing guy, they are completely good to go. These two factors I believe are like fire and gasoline. And at the exact right spot.”

Residents who know the area agree the crossing area is less than ideal. “Why place it in an area right after a curve?” asks resident Raymond Wallace. “Or maybe they need a warning light right before the curve so drivers are at least aware they should slow down and that a pedestrian crossing is just around the bend.” Resident Brian McCall says he will never cross there with his family. “I would rather just cross right at Havana,” said McCall. “At least that way other drivers are looking for cars, and it is at least on a straightaway so cars can see the light coming. This makes no sense to me.” For now, there are no plans in place to change the location of the crosswalk, but residents are working to figure out a way to make it safer. “We are considering placing those turtle signs every 50 feet prior to the light,” said Wallace. “At least something to hopefully make drivers slow down.” The Eastbridge Town Center is close to being fully operational, and residents hope that increased traffic causes drivers to slow down and be more aware. “It’s weird hoping for more traffic,” said McCall. “But, that may be the only way we get drivers to slow down and look around. Otherwise, this spot is just ridiculously dangerous.”

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