East Facing Benches Give Park Goers Beautiful Construction View

benchAs progress continues to be made on the 26th Ave. Park, developers have added benches for riders and walkers to take a load off. The benches are strategically placed along the walkway through what will be the park, and the company didn’t spare any detail in their placement. The benches all face due east, to maximize the viewing pleasure of those stopping for a quick rest. “We originally thought about having the benches face west so people could stare at the lovely mountains,” said Chris Klages, lead developer on the project. “But, then we thought people are probably sick of staring at those. The real marvel is seeing how our team moves earth and makes this into the great park it was meant to be a decade ago.”

Many residents seem confused by design of the benches. “Why not have them face west?” asked Kim Anderson. “People always want to look at the mountains. Plus, during most of the day you would be looking directly into the sun. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.” John Speaker agrees. “I really don’t understand the reasoning behind it,” said Speaker. “Who prefers construction over the mountains?” Klages says the few who do prefer mountains over construction will soon change their minds. “Once they see the effort going into the project, I think they will change their tunes,” said Klages. “Plus, most people just look at their phones now anyway, so either way, it’s not that big of a deal.” Next time you are walking on 26th Ave, stop, take a rest, and soak in all that wonderful construction.

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