Drunk Bunco Group Confident They Can Solve Stapleton’s Problems

All over Stapleton, women are getting together once a month or so to drink some wine, spread some gossip and play some hard core Bunco. The Stapletonion decided it wanted to learn more about what goes on at these gatherings, so we sent our lowest paid employee (our female reporter) to check it out.

What we realized is that there is the suspected amount of gossip involving the neighbor couple that doesn’t seem to be getting along, the kids down the street that seem a bit behind, who the best looking dad in the community is, and who is running around on who. What we did not know is that the Bunco group has plans to solve almost every Stapleton issue.

After the fifth or seventh bottle of wine, Bunco participants randomly throw out issues facing the Stapleton community. Within five minutes, several of the party-goers begin to throw out illogical solutions to these problems which would only sound logical to a drunk woman.

In any case, whether it be the lack of a Havana Town Center, the problem that is Northfield, or struggling small businesses in the community, theses drunk moms have the answers. Fortunately for them, they never put their ideas to paper, and therefore can wake up the next morning feeling like they really made some progress without feeling a little ashamed of what they had come up with.

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