Drive Through Aurora to Stanley Totally Worth It

drdive through aurora worth itWell, it’s finally here. Restaurants and shops in the Stanley Marketplace are open. “We are excited to announce we are open for business,” project leader Mitchell Roberts announced last month. “This is phase one of our opening with several places opening up now, and we expect to soon have almost 50 different businesses open for food, booze, retail, fitness, and other services. This is happening, people.”

Those who have been to Stanley are extremely pleased with what they have seen. “It’s a really cool atmosphere,” said resident Brian Uker. “And they are just getting started. When they get everything in there, it is going to be even better.” Resident Josh Barrett agrees. “I think it’s great now, but when the weather gets nice enough to ride or walk there, it’s going to be fantastic,” said Barrett. “Did you know that at Cheluna, you can have them can you a beer to go? That’s a real thing. They can it, right in front of you, and you take it with you.” Residents have been impressed with the food choices as well. “We have eaten at Comida a few times and really enjoyed it,” said Lori Young. “Food is great, and it is a hip environment, but still family friendly.” The Stanley Beer Hall is already gaining a following. “They have a lot of delicious, unique offerings on their menu,” said resident Jeff Street. “Beer was tasty as well.” Anne Swarbrick says her family enjoyed their experience at Yellowbellow Chicken which offers a wide range of chicken and healthy sides. “It’s healthy, fast, and economical,” said Swarbrick. Plus, we can bring it over to Cheluna and enjoy a beer with it.” Stanley patrons can now grab some ice cream after dinner at Sweet Cow.

The biggest concern with the project all along has been the willingness of Stapleton residents to drive into Aurora to go there. “We knew it was going to be challenging to get Stapleton residents to venture out of the 80238 and into an Aurora ZIP,” said Roberts. “We have done our best to make the Marketplace itself a comfortable environment for 80238’ers, but not at the expense of our mission. So far it seems like it hasn’t been the issue we thought it might be.” “It was something we weren’t excited about at first,” said Uker. “We for sure use Aurora to drive through, but typically don’t stop somewhere. However, it’s been great and not an issue at all.” Street agrees. “The way we looked at it is that we already bring our cars to Amina, so what’s the big deal about driving another block?” Swarbrick says time is really the biggest factor. “I mean, you’re really only driving in Aurora for about three minutes,” said Swarbrick. “Once you get to Stanley, you totally forget about it.”

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