Drive by Shooters on Havana to be Reminded to Slow Down

20171214_162535A few weeks ago, around 2:45 in the morning, five gun shots rang out on the 2800 block of Havana. More than likely, there was no intent on hitting anything, just some kids popping off some shots on their way home. Unfortunately, one slug actually did pierce the loft of someone’s home on the block. Luckily, no one was hurt. The police came out and recovered the casings and have begun an investigation. In an effort to assure the community that safety is of the utmost concern, city officials immediately took action. “After an event like this, we knew we would have to do something to help residents feel safe,” said district police officer Bobby Shannon. “We can’t have a situation where fear is running the neighborhood. In situations like these, you can’t delay. You need to act.”

The city acted fast, and put up a speed sign which alerts drivers as to their current speed reminding them to slow down. “Drive by shooters are trying to shoot some rounds, and then get out of dodge,” said Shannon. “This new sign will hopefully cause them to slow down so that either the authorities can catch them, or someone can get a plate number. It’s even possible the sign will make them not want to shoot altogether, not wanting to have that speeding thing on their conscience after the shots are fired.” Residents have mixed feelings about the sign. “I am hopeful it will slow traffic down a little,” says resident Jacob Hall. “But, I am not sure the sign will have any effect on those hoping to fire off a few rounds on their way through Stapleton.” Some residents believe the sign is unnecessary and will be ineffective. “The odds of someone coming through and shooting again are pretty low, I would think,” said resident David Huebner. “And, from where the sign is placed, I don’t know if people will see it soon enough to remind them to lower their speed.” Officers can’t be certain the sign will be of any benefit to community members, but they were willing to take a shot in the dark.

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  1. Not the Stapletonion Editor

    “fun shots”…wow, great proof reading. No wonder Trump blasts the media.

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