DPS to Direct All School Related Questions to Stapleton Social Media Sites

dps defaulting to stapleton social mediaTom Boasberg recently stated a major change in policy in regards to questions and answers for the Denver Public school system. Moving forward, Boasberg says Denver Public Schools will longer field questions via telephone or email, and all inquiries will be redirected. “It seems residents in the Denver community of Stapleton have all of the answers,” said Boasberg confidently. “So, for those who have very specific questions regarding Denver Public Schools, we will refer those questions to Stapleton and their social media sites.” Boasberg said the sites would include the Big Tent Stapleton Mom’s Group, Stapleton Swap, and Stapleton Block Captain Facebook page, to name a few. “There are several Stapleton resources out there,” said Boasberg. “We hope the Denver community will take advantage of them.”

“Most questions regarding DPS are already coming from the Stapleton community,” said Boasberg. “So, it’s a pretty natural fit. Residents there post a question on a Stapleton Facebook page, and then tens of know it all residents chime in. Eventually they get the correct answer.” Boasberg says the main benefit to DPS is in man hours. “It saves us a lot of time. We don’t have to spend our time answering calls and talking people through things. The Stapleton social community does that for free. It’s really a win-win for us. And honestly, they almost always eventually get to the right answer, as long as you’re willing to do enough scrolling.”

Boasberg says the Denver Public Schools web site will be making the change immediately adding all of the appropriate links. “With all that is going on right now with school choice, this will save us a lot of time,” said Boasberg. “Let the Stapleton folks use their time and knowledge and help us out for free. It’s really a great system, and all we’re doing is posting a few links. In fact, we have a committee right now working on what else Stapleton people can help us on.” Boasberg says if people have any questions about what is going on at DPS, go to the DPS web site, and then click on any of the Stapleton social media links.

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