DPS to Add Extra “Rest Day” to All 2014-15 Breaks

DPSDenver Public Schools are not always the first to admit they made a mistake. In recent years, DPS has added an extra “travel day” so that when people schedule vacations around DPS breaks, they can have an extra day for a flight or long drive if necessary. “The extra travel day was a great idea because it can save people some money on flights if they come back Monday instead,” said DPS spokesperson Stacy Hetland. “Where we made a mistake was not adding another day. So, we are changing that for next year.” Hetland says that next year, DPS will add another day off which will be considered a “rest day.” “Everyone is using that travel day these days. So, going right back into school is tough. Now, there will be one more day so that people can decompress from their vacations.”

DPS will not be adding in any extra days of school to make these up, however. “We are really only taking off an extra five days,” says Hetland. “So, it’s not like we are missing another month. Just five days. No big change at all.” Some Stapleton residents disagree. “I think adding more days off is ridiculous,” says Stapleton resident Melissa Potter. “Our state and country are already so far behind educationally, more days off certainly isn’t going to help. Don’t these kids miss enough school as it is?”

Some other residents agree but from a different vantage point. “Not everyone goes on week long Hawaiian vacations like people in Stapleton do,” said Eric Gregory. “Some people have two working parents at home, and every time the kids are home, they need to figure out who is going to take care of the kids while they work. Heck, I know Stapleton people who have this issue. I don’t know how families with two working parents figure out how to cover the 75 days kids get off from DPS.”

Stapleton resident Keri Miler has a different perspective. “We went to San Diego with some friends for a week,” said Miller. “It would have been really nice for the kids to get an extra day to relax when we came back. They were just so busy when we were there, swimming, going to the zoo, playing with friends, etc. I like the new policy. I think if they don’t add it, people are just going to do it anyway. I mean, everyone goes on long expensive vacations during spring break, right?” Kids at DPS should enjoy the fewer school days next year, and possibly even less in 2015-16 if the school adds an “Unpacking/Cleaning Day” to the end of its breaks.

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