DPS School Board to Westerly Creek: “Mother-Son Dance Exclusionary, Offensive”

Recent criticism of the First Annual Westerly Creek Mother-Son Dance eventually found its way to the DPS School Board who slapped the wrist of Westerly Creek, letting them know they will no longer be able to hold the function with its existing title. “We appreciate what they were trying to do,” says school board member Tammi Gurule. “However, it ended up coming off pretty offensive to the hundreds of thousands that were unintentionally excluded from the event.”

“The event was put in place to give a chance for moms to get to spend some time with their sons and have fun at a school function,” says organizer Angela McCoy. “By no means were we trying to offend certain groups. All were welcome to the event, the title was something that a lot of us just thought was cute. We apologize to all of those whose feelings we hurt.”

The confusion was recently cleared up over who exactly was being excluded by the title. “Originally, I think people believed that same-sex couples were the ones that were offended,” says Tammi. “Same-sex couples are typically intelligent and mature, and have also endured far worse discrimination than the title of an elementary school function, and would understand they were welcome to attend. So, let’s make this very clear, same-sex couples were not bothered in the least by the title.”

Then what group was being discriminated against? The powerful organization MWKTCD, or Mothers Who Know They Can’t Dance. “There are three types of mothers,” says MWKTCD leader Lennie Sellers. “There are those that can dance, those that dance but are oblivious to their lack of skills, and then there is our group, those who know they can’t dance. Having a function specifically geared to dancing when it is obvious so many mothers can’t dance, was simply insensitive.”

Lennie believes there is a solution in keeping the event, but changing the title. “If we could simply call it a ‘sit around’ or maybe a ‘stand around’ that might even work.” The Stapletonion is willing to work with the community in finding a more appropriate and less insensitive title. We will publish the best suggestions in the next Stapletonion, and those that submit ones that are published will receive a free Stapletonion tee shirt. Simply send an email with your suggestion to Stapletonion@gmail.com with the subject line “dance.”

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One response to “DPS School Board to Westerly Creek: “Mother-Son Dance Exclusionary, Offensive””

  1. Dennis Scott

    Apparently I have missed out on yet another piece of neighborhood drama. Damnit! It stinks to be out of the loop.

    I always hated those Father/Son events as a kid since my parents were divorced and my dad was not around. Thank god I didn’t have to deal with a Mother/Son dance as well. My mom had Cerebral Palsy so not only could she not dance, she could barely walk.

    Now my mom couldn’t bust-a-move, but I would put her up against any of these Stapleton moms in her ability to whip your ass with a flyswatter. So there!

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