Downtown to be Renamed “Stapleton West?”

stapleton-westThe addition of the A-Line (or the University of Colorado A line as it so cumbrously called) has made it significantly easier for Stapleton residents to travel and explore downtown. So much so, that downtown Denver may be going through a name change. “The truth is, Stapleton is good for business,” said downtown Denver visitor’s bureau spokesperson Mandy Kohrt. “We want Stapletonians down here eating lunch, eating dinner, doing their shopping. We are also sensitive to the fact that Stapletonians don’t always like to leave Stapleton. Well, maybe making a slight name change to downtown Denver can alleviate both problems. They won’t have to ‘leave’ Stapleton, and downtown Denver increases revenue. Everyone wins.”

According to many downtown residents, not ‘everyone’ will end up winning. “Downtown already has its own vibe,” said downtown loft resident Eric Zimmerman. “It’s young, hip, cool, single. Stapleton is really none of those things. Sure, there are some families down here, but only really cool ones.” Downtown dweller Sarah Collins agrees. “Renaming downtown ‘Stapleton West’ takes all the hip out of living down here,” said Collins. “That would potentially even make me move. Maybe even to old Stapleton, where less Stapleton people will be hanging out.”

The name change has not been set in stone, but it’s certain downtown could soon be flooded with Stapleton residents. “We plan to take kids to the fountain down there, more dinners, and baseball games,” said Stapleton resident Jeff Kallaway. “Plus, kids are going to be headed to Six Flags, and the Pepsi Center. Just so many options have opened up.” Stapleton West is already looking for slogans for its new neighborhood. Please email ideas to and we will print the best Stapleton West slogans in our next issue and/or on our Facebook Page.

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