District 4 & 8 Delegates Resign After Admitting to Being Puppet Delegates for Eastbridge

MCA-delegates-resigningThe Stapleton MCA recently filled two open delegates’ spots for District 4 (South End) and District 8 (Conservatory Green). John Ward was selected by his constituents to represent the South End, and Nicole Roberts was selected as the representative for Conservatory Green. “They basically ran unopposed,” said MCA President Liza Kampstra. “They met the qualifications that the MCA has set for its delegates, so they were approved by their district and then by the existing MCA members.”

The two new members got their feet wet listening to other delegates discuss the pressing issues in the Stapleton community. “At first, there was nothing unusual about their behavior,” said Westerly Creek delegate Kerry Beatty. “They spoke their mind, seemed to have strong opinions about things, and absolutely seemed like a good fit. No one noticed anything out of the ordinary for the first couple of weeks.”

It was not until a vote came up on an issue that was very specific to Eastbridge that things started to seem a little off to the rest of the delegates. South Eastbridge delegate Eric Sauer was putting forth a motion which essentially would be a recommendation to SUN and DPS where Eastbridge residents would have first choice on schools regardless of boundary. “Obviously, the only delegates that were for this were the two Eastbridge delegates,” said Beatty. “But, somehow, Alex Ditchman, the Original Stapleton delegate was also for it. His argument was that his constituency already had kids in schools, so none of them would really care. But, when the vote came around to Ward (South End), he said he thought it was silly, so of course would not vote for it. Then, Sauer (South Eastbridge) kind of coughed and caught Ward’s attention. We could see Sauer slowly turn his thumb up. Suddenly, Ward just basically said, ‘actually, I’m going to be for it.’ Right after his vote, Roberts (Conservatory Green) gave a quick ‘yea’ and that was that. The measure passed with the five votes.”

After the session adjourned, the three delegates voting against the motion held a secret meeting. “We knew something wasn’t right,” said Beatty. “But, it was going to be tricky to figure out what happened to make Ward (South End) and Roberts (Conservatory Green) vote for Eastbridge. That’s when Mark Hill (Central Park North & West) had a great idea. He had some contacts at the NSA, and we simply requested emails and phone taps which the NSA had, as they do of all households, and went through those.”

The tedious work paid off. After days and days of scouring emails and listening to phone calls, the MCA was able to compile a large amount of irrefutable evidence against the four conspirators. Ward (South End) and Roberts (Conservatory Green) were being paid $10,000 each for their votes, which each planned to use for some home remodeling. Ward and Roberts were immediately asked to resign, and the motion that Sauer (North Eastbridge) brought to the table was killed. “The Eastbridge delegates have yet to resign, but the remaining delegates are looking into forcing them out of office,” said Beatty.

Beatty says that aside from the South End (District 4) and Conservatory Green (District 8) delegate openings, there should be two more openings coming soon, including North Eastbridge & Bluff Lake (District 1) and South Eastbridge (District 5). “Anyone interested in these positions should email us at delegates@stapletoncommunity.com. But please, understand that you will be held to a high moral standard.”

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