Denver Stapleton Throws Counter Punch at Aurora Stapleton

Emporia or DaytonWith the Shortcut to Stanley preparing to open soon, neighboring cities Denver and Aurora have had issues settling on the street name of the new road. “From our standpoint, it’s not an issue at all,” said City of Aurora engineer Kevin McCoy. “This is in Aurora, so we get to name the street. Denver can name any street they want, but not ones in the City of Aurora. We will take care of that on our end.” Denver city Engineer Luke White disagrees. “Their city?” asked White. “If it wasn’t for Stapleton, the real one, not Stapleton Aurora, no one would even care about that part of Aurora. Hell, Aurora didn’t care about that part of Aurora until Stapleton came along. So, yeah, we feel like we should get some input there and the Stapleton street, Emporia, should keep the name as it goes through to the Stanley. Bringing Stapleton people, to a Stapleton project.”

Aurora ignored Denver’s requests and ultimately hitched a street sign branding the street Dayton Way. “It was pretty disrespectful,” said White. “They didn’t so much as reply to our requests to discuss it. It was pretty childish and frustrating. But, you know, I guess you fight fire with fire.” Denver responded by placing a massive concrete bench with the name “Emporia Street” etched on it. “It’s not going to be fun trying to move that thing,” White said with a grin. “Let’s see if they have anything left in their arsenal.” McCoy did not let on what Aurora will do next, but admitted there will be a response. “This thing is going to escalate quickly,” said McCoy. “We’re just getting started.” Looks like the border wars are back in a big way.

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