DBC’s “The Franklin” Saves Life of Hungover Stapleton Man

the FranklinKevin Turner didn’t realize it at the time last Saturday night, but he had stayed up way too late and drank way too much whiskey. “We had some neighbors over and were just hanging out listening to music,” said Turner. “Drank some beer and wine, then I decided to have some whiskey. Next thing we know it is about one in the morning when the neighbors left.” Turner says he felt great when he went to bed. “It’s not like I was stumbling up the stairs, slurring badly, or had the spins. I knew I had gone beyond my legal limit, but wasn’t worried about anything in regards to my health.” Turner says he went to bed peacefully, expecting the same feeling in the morning.

However, to Turner’s dismay, he woke up feeling horribly ill. “My head really hurt,” said Turner. “My body was unusually sore, and I was pretty sure I could hear my heartbeat. My mouth was terribly dry, and I could hardly get the words out to tell my wife I was in bad shape.” Turner’s wife Stacie used quick thinking and texted one of her nine doctor friends in Stapleton. “I knew this was not something ibuprofen and a glass of water could fix,” said Stacie. “My friend got back to me and said that it was a serious matter, but at this point, there wasn’t much an emergency room could do, so the best thing to do would be to get him to the Denver Biscuit Company at the Stanley Marketplace as fast as possible. The doctor said any biscuits and gravy would probably save his life, but the most effective life saver would be The Franklin.” Stacie got her husband into the car, gave him a bottle of water, and rushed to the Denver Biscuit Company.

The Turners sat at the bar and Stacie ordered right away. “They had seen this before, so they got right on the order,” said Stacie. “We had him keep drinking ice water, and when his order arrived, I slowly started feeding him.” The doctor’s orders were working, and Kevin was slowly coming to. Many say it was the sunny side up egg that made his recovery quicker than most, but nonetheless, The Franklin gets the credit for saving his life. “If it wasn’t for The Franklin and the good people at the Denver Biscuit Company, I know I wouldn’t be here today,” said a humbled Kevin. “I will forever be grateful.” Kevin says he has no plans on discontinuing his drinking, but plans to be more careful in the future. But, if he slips up, The Franklin will be there to bring him back.

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