Couple’s Pending Divorce Stirs Excitement in Community

couple divorcingLocal Stapleton couple Bobby and Jodi Purdy announced they were divorcing, and while they found some family members and friends concerned about their emotional state and how their kids would fare, a good number of friends and acquaintances weren’t exactly distraught about the news. “When I found out Jodi was divorcing Bobby, I was psyched. I’ve been waiting to hit on her for a while now, but you know, the guy code and stuff. She’s definitely a MILF” said Steve Gerbracht, 38, and a friend of Jodi and Bobby.

Interviews with local residents did reveal that many were more interested in Jodi and Bobby’s apparent hotness than the emotional trauma that such a dramatic change would have on their lives. One of the couple’s friends, Becca Wiley had the same sentiment. “Yeah, Bobby is really hot. I’ve had a crush on him for about seven years now since we met at a Westerly Creek fundraiser. We were both married then, but I’m not anymore, and he’s in his situation. So fair game, right?”

Jodi’s mother, Patty, is definitely upset about her daughter’s break up. “It’s so sad, you know, they were such a nice couple. The toughest thing that Evan and Ella (the kids) have had to face until now is having the same names as many other children their age. This is a big change for them. The good news is that Bobby and Jodi are a couple of hotties and with some luck, the two of them can find new partners without you know, having to go onto one of those online dating sites.”

Bobby and Jodi were fairly dismissive when asked if the number of interested parties of the opposite sex factored into their decision to split. “We’ve been not getting along for a while now. Bobby rarely takes out the recycling and expects me to do the laundry most of the time. But, I guess it’s nice that I have seen some guys that have seemed interested in me. I worry about how our kids will handle it. I think Bobby’s moving to Eastbridge which is totally new for the kids. That’s going to be a huge change for them. They hardly ever go over there except when we go to the Rec Center,” said Jodi.

Friends say that Bobby and Jodi already have made separate plans for Spring Break and Summer and that the kids are looking forward to meeting some of their new “friends.”

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