Couple Irritated About Having to Leave Stapleton for Dinner Party

couple annoyed at dinner partyThe Reisetter family has lived in Stapleton for almost a decade now. They are raising two young kids and have grown to love the community, and have made several good friends in the neighborhood. “There’s just so much to like about living here,” said Sean Reisetter. “There are plenty of things to do, and with the kids having friends here and us having friends here, we really don’t need to leave that much.” Reisetter points out that although things are pretty easy here in Stapleton, things are about to get even easier. “The Quebec King Soopers isn’t ideal,” says Reisetter, “but it’s still serviceable. And pretty soon we’ll have another one in the Eastbridge Town Center. Plus the town center will have lots of other exciting businesses as will the Stanley project. So, at some point you just have to ask yourself, ‘do I really want to leave the neighborhood today?’”

With all of their friends in Stapleton, the Reisetters do have friends in other parts of Denver. “Of course we had friends before me moved to Stapleton,” said Lennie Reisetter. “And we keep in touch with them through email and Facebook, and occasional calls. But, it’s hard to get together, you know, with the kids, and then just the not wanting to leave Stapleton. I mean, our house is so much nicer and better suited for our kids than theirs is. Plus parking in the highlands or Governor’s Park can be such a pain. If we get our way, we try to just quietly stay in Stapleton and hang out with our neighbors.”

Two weeks ago, the Reisetters were invited to friends of theirs in the Highlands for a dinner party which would include the kids. “I was not excited about it at all,” said Sean. “I mean, we have to pack the kids in the car for a 15-20 minute drive, find parking, make sure everything is safe in the neighborhood, then the house. It’s just a huge hassle. I was doing everything to try to figure a way out of it.” Lennie was in the same situation. “No, I didn’t want to go,” said Lennie. “I mean, they are our dearest of friends, and were actually in our wedding, but driving 15 miles from Stapleton? Not my cup of tea.” The Reisetters were not honored by the invite, in fact, it was quite the opposite. “It was pretty imposing,” said Sean. “Now they expect us to go all the way out there, with the kids mind you, and then drive all the way home? We have better things to do less than a block away. I thought it was pretty rude of our friends to invite us like that.” The Reisetters say they will do better as far as having an excuse all set to go for next time. “We definitely won’t go,” said Lennie. “But, we won’t be rude about it. We’ll have a good excuse all ready to go.” Once Stanley and the town center are complete, the family plans to spend at least 96% of their time in Stapleton. “Why would we ever leave?” asked Lennie.

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