Couple Breaks Unwritten Rules of Adult Swim

Last week at the F-15 Pool, a couple was spotted making out during adult swim time. This caught onlookers completely off-guard. The adult swim is a longtime institution whose main purpose is to give parents 15 minutes without having to play with their kids in the pool or having to worry about them getting injured. There are also those that actually swim laps during this time, though they are few and far between. The longtime adult swim institution took a big step back last weekend when the young couple challenged the institution’s unwritten rules.

“I mean, what’s the big deal,” said adult swim make-out bandit Lisa Stone, who is 28 years of age. “We are allowed to be out there during that time, and how we use that time is our business.” Her partner in crime Brandon Litton agrees. “If you don’t want to see it, you don’t have to look. What we do in front of 250 onlookers is our business.”

Not only does the act break the rules of the adult swim, it also challenges a long-time understanding of when public make-outs are okay.

Public make-outs have long been reserved for junior high and high school kids, drunk people on dance floors, and kisses after very public marriage proposals. In fact, the only rule that this couple did not break is that public make-outs are never, ever allowed for married couples. Most onlookers were too busy shielding their children’s eyes from the atrocity to comment, but some did wonder if the “no making out in pool during adult swim” rule is outdated, and should be changed, like how we now begrudgingly allow women to vote.

Should adults, married and unmarried, dive into the pool and start getting after it as soon as that clock strikes 45 minutes passed the hour? The Stapletonion wants your feedback. Please comment on this article if you would or wouldn’t like to see more people making out in the pool during adult swim.

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