Couple Angry that Neighbors Not Noticing “Little Differences” in Newborn

Theresa and Jeremy Richmond have one child, a four month old son, Aiden. Like most parents, they are amazed at every little thing their child does, from tiny movements to facial expressions. They already have tens of videos and hundreds of pictures of the little guy.

“It is truly remarkable to see how quickly he is growing and all the things he is able to do now,” says Theresa. “This experience has been even better than expected.” Jeremy feels the same way. “I never thought I would enjoy having a newborn this much. This is such a great experience.”

Not for everyone. The Richmond’s neighbors in North Central Park are tired of being bombarded with every little thing Aiden does. “Every day it is a text, an email, a Facebook update, and of course face to face conversations,” says Larry Hamilton. “We are very happy for them, but a lot of those things just aren’t a big deal to us. In fact, all we ever see him do is sleep in his car seat.”

The lack of recognition of Aiden’s growth has certainly strained their relationship. “Sometimes when I post pictures of him on Facebook, they won’t even ‘like’ it,” comments Theresa. “We want friends that are supportive of our precious jewel.”

The Hamiltons appreciate the importance of a first child, but at the same time do not have kids yet and are more interested in other things right now. “We are busy deciding which Colfax restaurant to eat and drink at, and then want to make sure we get up in time to get a Franklin from the Biscuit Bus at the market.”

For now the families remain friends, but Theresa is not sure for how long. “If they keep pretending like his giggle is not the greatest thing ever, I don’t think this will be a long lasting friendship.”

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