Construction Cones on Havana St. Exit Gain Historic Landmark Status

The Havana St. Exit has been under construction significantly longer than the entire Central Park Blvd. Exchange, and now the city is finally recognizing the construction cones by giving them historic landmark status. Without special permits from the city, the mayor, the historic society and the governor, the cones along Havana St. between the I-70 exit and MLK Blvd., will remain forever.

“It is really a great honor, and really neat to add yet another historic thing to our community,” said SUN President Grant Bearbower. “Obviously, we had confidence the tower would gain this status, and we had hope for the construction cones, but it is never a sure thing. Just very exciting.”

The landmark status came within one month of not happening. “According to city officials, gaining landmark status has several requirements,” said Bearbower. “The biggest one is that the items or area up for consideration must not have been touched for at least four years. At one point, the city considered actually doing construction, and that, obviously would have derailed any status we were hoping to achieve for the cones.”

There will be a special ribbon cutting ceremony June 23rd across from the prison. Residents are encouraged to come down, but to leave the kids at home.

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