Conservatory Green Succumbs to Giant Dust Storm

conservatory green succombs to dustYesterday (4/29) Denver experienced unusually high winds, and in the flatlands of Stapleton, these winds can create havoc. Especially in the area with hundreds of tons of dirt from the ongoing construction, Conservatory Green. “We could see that something bad was going to happen,” said Conservatory Green resident John Weber. “We called some friends in Classic Stapleton and asked if we could come over until the storm passed. We didn’t know that when we came back, we would have a hard time finding our home.”

Around 4:30PM, after 30-40 mile an hour winds had been whipping around all day, the storm really gained strength. Three giant dust twisters formed along with several other smaller Texas tornados. “It was really scary,” said resident Kristin Nuss. “We barely got out. We could see homes getting covered with massive amounts of dirt and dust. We are lucky to be alive.” Over 200 homes in Conservatory Green were completely covered in sand, dirt and dust, and another 400 have considerable damage.

SUN and residents of Conservatory Green are urging Forest City President Phil Dargossi to declare Conservatory Green a Stapleton disaster area. “President Dargossi needs to come survey the damage, but once he does, I am sure he will take the appropriate measures,” said SUN President Mike Victoria. “This area has been hurt badly, but we are Stapleton, and we will endure.” Dargossi vowed to get out to see the area. “Forest City sends its deepest sympathies to those affected by the dust storms yesterday,” said Dargossi. “We assure the people of Conservatory Green, and of Stapleton, that we will make sure our people are taken care of.” If Dargossi declares Conservatory Green a Stapleton disaster area, they plan to send pig wings from the Berkshire, cupcakes from Happy Cakes, and plenty of booze from The Wine Cellars. Bottled water would also be provided.

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