Community Picnic on North Green Has Regal Feel

servers on north grerenThe new North Green in the Conservatory Green neighborhood in Stapleton made sure to start off strong and send a message to residents and those attending events on the North Green: this won’t be the white trash green you’re used to at the 29th St. Town Center. The Stapleton MCA held a community picnic for residents where a Stapleton ID was needed. For the MCA, this is a no-brainer way to keep out the Aurora riff-raff. “Why we didn’t do that originally at the 29th St. Green is beyond me,” exclaimed Kampstra. “We could have simply said you need a Stapleton ID or pay, and we could have easily priced them out. We won’t make that same mistake here at the North Green.”

The picnic featured free BBQ for the event-goers, as well as a full staff to assist the guests. “It can sometimes be annoying going to get a napkin, water, or more food,” said Kampstra. “So, here at the North Green, we have a full staff to help with those things.” The staff will also help you carry any of your items to your seating area. “People often bring coolers, blankets, food, and recreational items to events,” says Kampstra. “It can be difficult to lug all of that stuff around, especially if you have young kids. So, our people help carry your stuff to your seating area.” Kampstra says event-goers can tip the staff, but it is not necessary, as they are paid through the Stapleton HOA. “We do pay them a wage, so if you don’t bring cash, don’t feel too bad about it.”

During the meal, party-goers enjoyed classical music by the Colorado Symphony. “Again, we are trying to give the North Green an atmosphere Stapletonians can appreciate,” said Kampstra. Residents appreciated the music but some thought it wasn’t necessarily the perfect fit. “They did a great job,” said Mandy Larson. “But, I’m not sure that is who Stapleton is. I kind of felt like I was at the theater instead of an outdoor, fun festival where I could socialize.” Event-goer Brian Hodges agreed. “I guess it was nice,” said Hodges. “But maybe it was too nice. I just wanted to relax and have some beer and BBQ. It just felt too formal, especially with the staff constantly walking around asking if we needed anything.”

Kampstra says they are also considering designating seating for those who have the most wealth, power and influence in Stapleton. “We want to make sure we take care of those who take care of us,” Said Kampstra. “This way, it is almost like arranging seating without actually doing it. I mean, people who live in Infinity Homes, don’t always have a lot in common with those living in Parkwood Homes.” The MCA has yet to announce the next event at the North Green, but Kampstra says it will have a similar feel. “We definitely plan to keep any North Green events consistent. They will be exclusive, formal, and stately.”

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