Community Member Begins Petition To Keep East Line Open from 1AM to 3AM

With the school zoning situation front and center and the Eastbridge Town Center never-ending quagmire, other Stapleton issues are sometimes lost or forgotten. “It’s very exciting that Stapleton will continue to have more and more access to public transportation,” said resident Tim Gates. “With the East Rail Line, commuters will have more options to ride safely, more cost-effectively, and environmentally friendly. Plus, getting to the airport in 22 minutes with no parking will be fantastic.”

Overall, Gates feels the City of Denver, RTD, and those involved in the East Line construction project are doing a great job. “The project updates have been timely and informative, and they have stayed pretty true to the original plans,” said Gates. “When it opens in 2016, people will be able to get downtown to Union Station in 13 minutes.”

Gates is concerned, however, with the East Line’s hours of operation. Currently, the plan is for the train to be open for 22 hours of the day, closed between the hours of 1AM and 3AM. “Why close it for those two hours?” questions Gates. “How much money will the city really save? These are the questions that have not been answered. Can it just be closed from 2:30AM to 3AM?”

Gates mentions that he often goes out downtown now that he is single, and likes to stay out until they close the bars. “Bars close at 1:30. I typically don’t get that lucky with the ladies. How am I supposed to get back to Stapleton if the rail is closed? Sure, I could take a cab, but that gets expensive if you do it Thursday through Saturday.” Gates says other residents aside from Stapleton singles will benefit from the rail being open a full 24 hours. “I see all these cougar Stapleton moms, divorced and single, wanting to go out and get hit on by young dudes. They stay out late, too, and could use the cheap transit back to the hood.” A 24 hour rail line will also help drunk Stapleton men get back safely after post-ball game festivities.

Gates is making an effort to bring this matter to the Stapleton community. “Amid everything else going on, I want to make sure people are aware of this serious problem,” said Gates. “So, like everyone else, I started a petition to demand that the East Rail stay open 24 hours a day. I think with enough community support, we can make a difference.” So far, the petition has 19 signatures. Those looking to support the urgent matter can click here to read and sign the petition.

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One response to “Community Member Begins Petition To Keep East Line Open from 1AM to 3AM”

  1. Dennis

    This is a matter more appropriately brought up at the monthly Bitchfest Thursday meetings.

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