College Flags Lead to Neighborhood Strife

The practice of flying a college flag off the front porch during football season has led to serious acrimony between neighbors on one Stapleton block. SUN is considering forming an ad hoc committee to investigate the practice and see whether it should be banned altogether.

“My neighbor across the street has a Stanford flag hanging off his front porch. The guy is a total idiot and his kids are even dumber. Call me suspicious. There’s no way he could have made it at a school like that,” said Ken Seery who lives on Verbena Street. Seery said he has been unable to determine whether his neighbor, Jon McGovern, attended Stanford. An inquiry to the university alumni department has not been answered.

“So everybody on the block is supposed to be real impressed that this guy went to Stanford, like he’s some kind of genius. I know better than that.” said Seery.  Seery said he confronted his neighbor about the flag but McGovern refused to discuss whether he attended Stanford. Seery asked that the flag be taken down but McGovern refused.

Seery maintains that anyone flying a flag from a university or college they didn’t attend constitutes fraud. The Denver Police Department has advised Seery that no laws are being broken.  Seery also contacted the Stapleton MCA but was advised that the practice of hanging college flags is not addressed under the master association’s architectural policy.

“I’m all for showing your college pride but there has to be some integrity to this flag-flying tradition. You can’t have people faking where they went to college,” said Seery. “I hope there aren’t others in Stapleton trying to boost their cred by flying a flag from a university they didn’t attend.”

Atwater said he also takes issue with what he calls “bandwagonism.”

“Where was this guy’s Stanford flag two years ago when the team basically sucked? Funny how the flag shows up this year when the team is in the top 10 and they have an over- rated quarterback that everyone says is the second coming of Elway.”

McGovern declined to comment about his Stanford flag only stating “Seery flies a CU flag. That should about say it all.”

SUN has not provided any details about a proposed committee to look into the dispute. The block captain, JoAnn Carney, said that there was a shouting match between Seery and McGovern which she found very upsetting. She also noted that several wives on the block are fed up with the amount of attention football season takes away from them.

JoAnn is worried about where things are headed.  “It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt, either physically or emotionally, over this flag dispute. There has to be more to life than football.”  Not sure if there is JoAnn.  Not sure if there is.

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