Cold Day Reminds Stapleton Mom How Much Bundling Kids “F’ing Sucks”

bundling kids upWith the cold weather we experienced this week and colder weather to come, people are reminded about the negatives of the cold. There is of course, the shorter days, colder car rides, and more runny noses. But what really pisses off Stapleton mom Lisa Rudee is having to put layers and layers of clothes on kids. “We had such a nice long spring and summer, I forgot how much of a pain in the ass getting clothes on kids is,” said Rudee. “Getting my kids ready to go outside on a cold day, well, it just f*ck#ng sucks.”

Rudee went on to discuss the whole process. “I mean, I have to convince my daughter she can’t wear a skirt on cold days, and then I have my son who refuses to wear pants of any kind,” says Rudee. “It adds at least 45 minutes to the process. I’m considering letting them freeze at school and learning the lesson themselves, but I am worried the school will contact child services. I mean, they’re a pain in the ass, but I don’t want to lose them.”

For many Stapleton residents, school began this year for their child(ren), which adds a big dimension to getting kids dressed appropriately. “When there is no absolute time you have to get your kid somewhere, it’s frustrating, but not to the point where you are considering strangling them,” said Rudee. “But now, when you have all these things going on, and I can’t get my kid to not wear crocs when it’s 40 degrees, yeah, I consider strangulation. Maybe when the weather is cold they could start school 45 minutes later. Is that a possibility?” More than likely, schools will continue to keep a schedule, hot or cold, so again, it is up to us parents to make the proper adjustments.

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