Central Park West Residents Spend Weekend with Willow Park East Friends

willow-park-east-friendsThe Stagemeyers and Koehns have been Stapleton friends for almost seven years. They lived on the same block in Central Park West during that time and spent lots of time together. Their kids would play together, they had date nights together, and they spent many evenings enjoying drinks at each other’s homes. After making a very tough decision, the Koehns decided to move to Willow Park East. “We weren’t necessarily looking,” said Anne Koehn. “We just went to one of the Infinity models and I fell in love with it. Obviously, the hardest thing was leaving our friends the Stagemeyers. But we know that we built a lifetime friendship with them when we were living in Central Park West.” The Stagemeyers agree. “We absolutely love Anne and Craig,” said Colleen Stagemeyer. “Of course, we are sad they moved, but we will definitely keep this friendship forever.”

The couples haven’t seen each other since the Koehns moved away, but the Stagemeyers surprised the Koehns with some great news two weeks ago. “I called Anne and let her know we were planning a trip her direction and we wanted to stay for the weekend,” said Colleen. “They were so excited, and of course, our family was as well.” The Stagemeyrs had never been to Willow Park East so they were excited to see what it was all about after hearing great things about it. “There is so much to do here. We wanted to make sure we showed them a great time,” said Anne. “The kids have already made friends over here, and Jeff, my husband was able to keep his same job, so that was nice. We are really adjusting well to life in Willow Park East.”

Before the Friday arrival of their guests, the Koehns made sure to grab plenty of beverages for their friends from their new liquor stop, the Colorado Beverage Company. The Stagemeyers arrived Friday afternoon, and were immediately impressed with the community. “I couldn’t believe the size of the homes,” said Colleen. “I mean, they were all so big and beautiful. We definitely had house envy.” The kids all started playing again like old times and the couples sat down to catch up and enjoy some cocktails. They took a walk around Willow Park East while the Koehns pointed out the history of the place. Saturday, there was more sightseeing along with some lunch at Torchy’s Tacos. “I had heard of Torchy’s, but never had been to one,” said Colleen. “It was really good food and a fun place. So neat that they live so close to one.” The Stagemeyers were so impressed during the visit, Colleen tried to get her husband to move there. “We would definitely consider it,” said Colleen. “I just don’t think it would work with my husband’s job.” Overall, the Stagemeyers enjoyed their visit to Willow Park East and definitely plan to come back. “No matter where the Koehns moved we would come visit them. But we did really love Willow Park East.”

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