Central Park Rec Center Regulars Endure “Resolution” Lines for Equipment

busy central park rec centerAside from rainy days or cold winter days, it is typically not too difficult for gym-goers to grab a treadmill, EFX, stair stepper, etc. at the Central Park Rec Center. Many Stapleton residents are runners, others practice yoga and of course there is a massive crossfit contingent, so this keeps our local rec center somewhat quiet, depending on the hours you attend. Except, of course, in January.

January, as everyone knows, is resolution month. And for over half of people that make resolutions, losing weight or getting into shape is their main resolution. “We always see an increase in memberships and turnout,” says Central Park Rec Center manager Mike Bowers. “January is our craziest month. From early morning to our early 8PM close time, we are pretty packed in here. It’s great to have all of the energy.”

Not everyone enjoys the busyness of the New Year. “It’s hard because I consistently exercise but now I have to wait for machines, or change my workout,” says Kara Westerberg. “It’s one thing if these new folks would keep their routines going, but most of them will quit and be off of it by March.” Joel Shelton agrees. “I am standing around waiting for people walking on the treadmill,” says Shelton. “You can walk around the gym. I think that people that have been working out for a long time should have some sort of preferred pass so that they get dibs on machines and equipment before these newbies who are just going to end up quitting their workouts.”

Jim McGovern recently rejoined the rec center and says that this year is going to be different. “In the past I definitely haven’t been great about keeping my workouts going,” says McGovern. “But I am reenergized, and am ready to get in shape in 2015.” Sandy Hansen is dedicated to 2015 as well. “I have been getting my five workouts in a week and am dedicated to continue them,” says Hansen. “Sure, I have quit before, but not this year.”

Bowers says that although there are wait times at the Central Park Rec Center, he expects things to slow down. “This happens every year. Of course, we would love it to be busy all the time, but the reality is, by mid-February, things are pretty much back to normal. People who want to keep in shape either do it or don’t, and don’t wait till January 1st typically to start.”

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