Central Park Boulevard to Add More Obstacles to See Around, Over

obstaclesAfter a long evaluation period, city engineers and traffic safety experts have decided more needs to be done on Central Park Boulevard between 29th St. and Mountview. There are several streets on that stretch crossing Central Park Blvd. which have stop signs, but no stop lights. To make matters more challenging for drivers trying to cross over on these streets, there are several rock structures and trees making it very difficult to see oncoming traffic. Drivers are often saying a quick prayer before jetting out in to traffic hoping they “guessed right” on when they saw the last car coming. “Any time I cross 28th if it’s even close to rush hour, I’m scared shitless,” said Stapleton driver Cassidy Addison. “Especially when I have my kids in the car. I can’t believe nothing has been done.” Steve Mason has had similar experiences. “Not only can you hardly see what is coming, people are flying down that stretch,” said Mason. “It can be pretty scary. Then, you get the stress of people waiting behind you. You don’t want to let the group down by not keeping moving, but man, I gotta know there aren’t any cars screaming towards me.”

City engineer Nick Carman has been studying the traffic patterns and visibility issues for the last seven months. “There are definitely some things that make that particular area challenging,” said Carman. “Speed of drivers, rocks blocking visibility, and so forth. But, I still don’t think it’s quite enough.” Carman says the city plans to build some more impediments for drivers to see over, by, or through. “We really would have thought there would have been more accidents,” said Carman. “We got to thinking, ‘maybe the challenges of moving through these streets safely is exactly the reason people are so safe.’” Carman contends that it is possible people are driving more cautiously because of the unnecessary risks drivers are having to take in those crossings. “There are some things we can do in regards to planting more bushes or adding some small monuments which can make things even harder to navigate,” said Carman. “With those added difficulties, people will attempt to be safer, we assume, and we will have even less traffic incidences.”

Residents are not on board with the new idea. “When I heard the city was going to do something about these crossings, I was thrilled,” said resident Terry Wilson. “But, I hear they are adding crap? That’s insane. People are really going to get hurt.” Kristy Anderson agrees. “I think I am just going to make sure I get to one of the stoplight intersections from now on,” said Anderson. “Inevitably, there are going to be some bad crashes there. What is the city thinking?” Carman says designs are currently under way for each of the crossings. “We will evaluate what structures and designs will make for the worst visibility, and then appropriate those as we see fit.” Safe driving, Stapletonians.

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