Caught on Tape: Forrest City President Dargossi Calls 47% of Stapleton Residents “Entitled Douchebags”

At a $50 per plate dinner which included business leaders, local politicians, and influential community leaders, Forrest City President Phil Dargossi said in a speech that, “47% of the community we are never going to make happy. That group is a bunch of entitled douchebags. What we are worried about is that 53%.” The statement was caught on tape by a lowly block captain that happened to be invited to the dinner, and later posted on Youtube. Once it went viral, Forrest City and Dargossi immediately went into damage control.

“The statements made at the dinner were taken out of context and were misunderstood,” said Dargossi. “What I intended to say was that 4 to 7% of Stapleton residents are douchebags. My math was off, and when I said I am worried about the 53%, I intended to say 95%. I am very sorry for any confusion.” Dargossi and Forrest City have endured a lot of criticism in the last five years, most notably for their mishandling of the Eastbridge Town Center, 26th Avenue Park, and their inability to come through on diversity promises.

“I whole-heartedly regret my statements, but regret that someone taped them even more,” said Dargossi. “From now on, I will have to really be careful about expressing how I really feel about things, as you never know when someone may be recording it, writing it down, or even remembering what I said.” Dargossi has received some pressure from the community to step down or at least step away from the Stapleton project after these statements. “We kind of knew that is what he thought of us based on how he has treated us,” said resident Greg Hays. “But, once you say that out loud and confirm it, it is time to get out.

Forrest City says they have no plans in letting Dargossi go. “Phil has been a great asset to our company,” said Forrest City spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “We know he will move passed this and become a stronger leader than he is now. We fully support him, and wish him continued success with our company.” Dargossi and Forrest City have postponed future informational dinners and luncheons, but plan to resume them in four to six months.

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