Breaking News:  Greedy Denver Teachers Not Willing to Work for Unlivable Wages

Breaking News: Greedy Denver Teachers Not Willing to Work for Unlivable Wages

Okay, so it’s pretty hard to be snarky about such a ridiculous scenario, so I’m not going to be.  Many Denver students are at school today experiencing a much less than ideal scenario, with their regular teachers out of the classrooms striking.  Why are they striking?  Money.  Yes, this is about money.  Teachers are asking […]

MCA to Combat Crime Wave with Magnets

MCA to Combat Crime Wave with Magnets

In a bold move, the MCA has recently announced that it will be pulling out all the stops and fighting crime with one of the strongest methods available – magnets. Criminals beware. Not only will residents start locking their doors and removing their laptops from their cars but every resident in Stapleton will be fully […]

Pocket Park Rules Simplified

Pocket Park Rules Simplified

The old well-intentioned rules posted at Stapleton’s pocket parks have become too long, stale, outdated, and cumbersome. The Stapleton MCA has taken down the old signs and replaced them with signs that are more direct, yet explain the rules very clearly.

Residents Angry They Too Can Get Speeding Tickets

When Danny Bolsom was headed down MLK Blvd. going 48 miles per hour, he thought nothing of it. The speed limit is 35 on MLK, but Danny had the same assumption as most other Stapleton residents: the speed limit is for non-residents. Danny was shocked when he saw a police car in his rearview mirror, […]

Parents Want to Know SMIS CSAP scores Before They Happen

In a very proactive move, parents whose children will attend SMIS next year have demanded student test results. Problem is, these tests have yet to take place. New Principal Vogel is struggling with the request. “We want to be supportive of the parents and work with them,” said Vogel, “however, there is really no way […]