Issue 3

Six Months Later, Scientists Still Baffled by Strange Rock Formations

Six Months Later, Scientists Still Baffled by Strange Rock Formations

Resident Jay Chickerneo and his wife Amy take morning walks down the scenic Westerly Creek Trail with their young child Madison and dog Jasper. Aside from occasionally encountering an off-leash dog, things are pretty uneventful. However, on September 26th this year, they noticed something very peculiar. “We noticed the strangest rock formation,” said Jay. “It […]

Stapleton Man Shocked Wife Found Out About Affair with Neighbor

A local resident, who chose to go unnamed, recently sat down to talk to us about his failing marriage. It’s the story of another Stapleton marriage that seems to have dissolved simply because someone underestimated their spouse’s ability to find out about an extramarital affair with someone living close by. “I never thought she would […]

Local Wildlife Includes Homelessapiens and Hobopithecus

At times in our busy lives, we can take wildlife for granted, but if you slow down and sit quietly for a moment, such as at a freeway off ramp, you may find that wildlife actually approaches you.

Aurora Man to Hold Garage Sale of Your Stuff

On Saturday, June 4th, an Aurora man who prefers to go unnamed, will hold a community-wide yard sale at multiple locations just south of Stapleton. From 8 am to 5 pm you can find terrific bargains on familiar items like your 8 megapixel digital camera, your MacBook Pro, and your 64” plasma TV, and your […]

Party Ruined by Uninvited Neighbor

What was supposed to be a fun evening with friends from the old neighborhood and a handful from the new, quickly turned into an evening of awkwardness. Chris Clapp and his wife Lori, who used to live in the Highlands, decided to have another one of their Stapleton get-togethers, showing off their giant house and […]