Stapleton Parent Prepared for “Your Child is Gifted” Talk

Stapleton Parent Prepared for “Your Child is Gifted” Talk

Kathy Zarifis has always known her daughter Madrid was gifted. “She started talking really early, and always seemed to point out things that kids her age shouldn’t understand,” said Kathy. “She can’t read yet, but I can tell she is close. She does really well with her numbers, and her spatial reasoning in regards to […]

Residents to Receive Stuffed Prairie Dog from 26th Ave. Park

Construction will soon begin on the 26th Ave. Park, and the first step may be the hardest. “Before doing anything, we need to get rid of the prairie dogs,” said project manager Jim Richardson. “We know that will be a little controversial, but that’s really not our decision and someone else is handling that portion. […]

New Business Spotlight: “Rent-a-Dad” Business Comes to Stapleton

Stapleton is full of highly successful men, many of whom are the lone income provider for their families. Oftentimes, being successful means being busy. “I travel a lot,” says successful Stapleton dad Greg Saar. “And when I am not traveling, I am working late. By the time I get home, it’s dinnertime, then we have […]

Northfield High to Have Small First Class of Five Students

The much anticipated opening of Stapleton’s High School, Northfield High, is finally here. There have been some bumps in the road, and there will continue be a learning curve, but school administrators are excited for the upcoming year. “We are extremely excited for the year,” said Principal Avi Tropper. “We have a great group of […]

MCA Okays ‘Open Carry’ to Create Safer Stapleton

MCA Okays ‘Open Carry’ to Create Safer Stapleton

After careful consideration, the MCA has determined Stapleton will be a safer neighborhood if residents are allowed to openly carry firearms. “After looking into gun issues we have had in this country, it becomes more and more clear that the more guns we have, the less likely we will have gun violene,” said MCA spokesperson […]

Stapleton Drivers Enjoy Final Month Without Speeding Tickets in School Zones

Each school year the Denver Police Department hands out thousands of speeding tickets to people driving too fast in school zones. “Our priority is to keep the children safe, obviously,” said DPD spokesperson Brad Cavin. “So, during the school year, we of course have a push to give out speeding tickets to those not obeying […]