Call to Arms: Bluff Lake Seeks Bounty Hunters to Kill Prairie Dogs

bounty huntersThe Bluff Lake Nature Center (BLNC) is looking for volunteer, professional bounty hunters to kill some of the many prairie dogs inhabiting its region. “It’s getting to the point where you can’t drive a car without running over one,” says BLNC Executive Director Mitchell Artz. “On top of that, they aren’t good for the environment. I mean, they were really only useful as something for the coyotes to eat, but with the coyotes mostly gone, they have lost their purpose.”

Artz says that poisoning the prairie dogs has drawn too much ire from the community, so he wants to make sure they are humanely killed by professional bounty hunters. “The best bounty hunters kill in a way where the prairie dogs won’t even know what hit them,” said Artz. “So, we know we may not get the absolute best bounty hunters, but we do want good ones. So, if you are a rookie bounty hunter, please don’t apply.”

The project will be familiar to bounty hunters except for the fact that there won’t be an actual bounty. “It’s frustrating that I won’t get any money,” said bounty hunter Bubba Fetter. “But, it’s always great to get the practice and the exposure. As long as my name is listed in some appreciation tribute about helping to save the BLNC, that will be cool with me.”

Artz says that there currently is no tribute planned, but that the BLNC would consider doing something. “We may be able to dedicate a plaque to the heroes who helped kill the prairie dogs,” says Artz. “If that is something that would go a long way in showing our appreciation, we certainly may do it.” Qualified bounty hunters looking for more information on the project should contact the BLNC by clicking here .

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