Busted: FBI Sting Reveals Stapleton Moms as Crime Organization

After almost seven years investigating the suspicious activity of the Yahoo! Group Stapleton Moms, the FBI has handed down hundreds of indictments to women all across this upper middle class community in Denver. For almost a decade, Stapleton Moms has been under the guise of selling used items, asking for advice, commenting on local politics, and certainly some complaining along the way. Turns out, a vast majority of these discussions were codes for a vast crime organization.

“This was probably the most complex case we have ever had to make,” says lead FBI investigator Jake Huff. “From the intricate structure of the organization, the number of members, and for the incredible amount of illegal activity they were involved in.” Finding the key players and getting these ‘moms’ to crack also proved challenging. “The loyalty within this group is incredible,” says Huff. “We put immense pressure on some of the outlying members and they stuck to the path, and kept their stories straight.”

Stapleton Moms accused ring leader Kate McFarlane issued a statement through one of her five Stapleton attorneys claiming, “…these accusations are false, and we intend to prove that in a court of law…The Stapleton Mom’s Yahoo! Group has been nothing more than what we intended it to be, and that is a resource for our local parents.”

Agent Huff knows that this could be one of the most challenging trials he has been involved with. “They have a large defense budget, defense team, and extremely loyal followers. Plus, the jury is going to be faced with convicting what appear to be simple, middle class moms.”

Agent Huff was reluctant to tell members of the media too much about its case, however did list several of the Stapleton Moms codes and what they intend to prove they meant. The Stapletonion has agreed to partner with the FBI in learning more about these secret codes. If you have knowledge of more of these codes, please email them to The Stapletonion at Stapletonion@gmail.com and we will publish them in the next issue. The FBI thanks you for your cooperation.

Code & Intended Meaning

  • FS: Rocking horse: Seller has ‘rock’ or ‘crack’ for interested buyers
  • WTB: a crib: Buyer interested in finding suitable prostitute
  • FS: Wii games: ‘Seller’ is taking bets on upcoming sporting events
  • Looking for a BOB: Buyer interested in purchasing marijuana
  • SAHM: Looking for a nanny : Buyer interested in bootleg alcohol
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